Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rest and Relaxation

Most jobs in the world don’t get something called Rest and Relaxation (R&R), but in the international aid and development world this is something everyone gets and needs…Aside from getting time off we get something which tells you exactly how to spend your time- resting and relaxing! (Luckily I was forced to rest and relax when I went to the Kenyan coast and spent four days inside due to the nonstop rain, mostly spent eating and sleeping.)

Here are some other things that you only get at a job in the international aid field:

  • Emergency evacuation lists of who should get to leave in case of an emergency (how do you decide?!?)
  • Acronyms - from the names of different organizations to names of programs- it’s a whole other language
  • Security trainings, weekly security meetings, daily security updates, security levels from 1-5 - you get the picture…
  • You can go to work in gumboots/ wellies when it rains, and this is considered professional dress.
  • You share your office space with chickens, goats, and numerous insects and lizards.
    We all know how to speak in radio code and have radio names.
  • The only way to get around is the white land cruisers with the organization name on the door or motorcycle.


ekantona said...

i was looking for some blogs written by people who is in Sudan, and found yours. My family & 1 are planning to move to Khartoum, somewhere in November 2007. My husband is already there. I found some of the info in yr blog could help me to understand more about Sudan. Thanks!
I hv a blog, but it's mainly about my daily life and kids! ;-)

nicolas said...


I m also in south Sudan for six month, like you I have started a blog on the beginning of March. But mine is more to give some news to my friends than to inform the rest of the world of what’s going on here.
I was in Mabior between Juba and Malakal but I will be demobilized in Kapoeta following an incident with the local authority.
Of course you are welcome to my blog if you are interested in seeing some other pictures from south Sudan:

See you in Kapoeta.

Anonymous said...

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …