Friday, July 18, 2008

Just another day (stuck) in the office

Our car slid off the road today and ended up stuck in the swamps... It took about 3 hours and lots of mud to finally get the car out. Not your typical day in the office unless you are working in Sudan!


Aaron Stewart said...

Ah you gotta love the black cotton soil.

Pieter said...

Hi there,
I read your posts frequently and am currently investigating the possibilities to come to Sudan (Kapoeta) in September/October for three months. I have some (actually a lot) practical questions, especially concering the safety. Can you contact me by mail? Thanks

Claire said...

Dear Nakai,

My name is Claire. I found your blog online today and loved it! You must be a very strong and courageous person to do what you do... (and I am so so sorry about your puppy :( )

I am also contacting you today to invite you to list it on our Expat Women Blog Directory ( It’s free. We would just love to have your blog listed on our site!

I also invite you to join our community ( Membership is free and enables you to receive our monthly, inspirational newsletter, plus ensures your name is in the running for all of our promotions and giveaways.

Thank you very much and my very best wishes to you,


KDR said...

Hi, I'm a volunteer for a special peace prayer project and we are looking for someone who can send us a few small stones from Sudan. We'd be glad to cover shipping. Can you please help us? Please e-mail us at if you're interested. Thank you!